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¬†Thanks for making it this far. We at Big Flavor Entertainment love to see our clients have fun and in the way make them produce the maximum revenue that they could with our extensive network that expands threw out the east coast. from the best DJs to our state of the art sound system and music equipment. We started as a small promotion company in florida but slowly migrated from state to state. Now we have over 100 associates that work with us to book artists find leads and are part of our social promotion network. Our team Could reach almost 250,000 people with a dominating presence in social media such as face book,Instagram,tweeter and other social outlets like mass email and text campaigns. lets not forget our street team that goes around passing your flyers and letting people know about your local event. We Make Sure We analyze Your Location Geo graphics and try to focus on the clients you have and the ones you might want. We offer this services to our long term partners that contract us on a yearly basis to take care or the entertainment and promotion. Is Key for our clients to know that we have build countless of night clubs from the floor up. Usually the owners use our services for this reason to get them that physical traffic and quick social presence plus don’t forget out countless websites that we would use to promote you. I know you might be telling your self i could do it all by my self, but it will take you 10 times as much time to complete this task if even ever and lets not mention promoting,finding DJs,Designing Flyers and at last making sure everything is done correctly while you still trying to run your Business. Im telling you man you gonna grow white hairs very very fast If you don’t have any already. Ok it’s Enough of the yip yap down below we will show you our future client some of our events that we have done in the past. Once again i will like to Thank you all for choosing

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